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The Path to Healing & Joy

"If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream and have a flower
presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there,
and if  he found that flower in his hand when he awoke --
Ay!  and what then?"
                                                                   Samuel Coleridge        ..

       Yes!  Indeed ... "and what then?"   Is there an answer to the chorus of complaints in both individual lives and the larger society about:   The stress and strain which modern science is finally telling us is the source of, or at least the aggravating agent behind 75% to 95% of all illnesses.   The failure of 50% of all marriages and disappointment in 2/3rds of the remaining 50%.  The cries, the pain and the acting out of our children as approximately 50% of them are raised in single parent households.  The lack of "community" in people's lives while at the same time no one really seems to be able to clearly define exactly what is the "community" that is so lacking, much less to be able to create it.  ???
        Is there a way out of living "lives of quiet desperation"?  The answer is "Yes!"

Author:    Eric N. Best, Ph.D.        Scientist, psychologist, long term meditator and spiritual explorer.  Published scientist and a consultant for 13 years to the nation's first and perhaps premier "think tank", The RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.   He now teaches meditation, FireWalking, community building, and spiritual development.

TOUCHING YOUR SOUL  is a 3 part work designed to entertain, while at the same time stimulate, uplift and inspire the reader in seeking out their own "next step" in spiritual development in terms of making life better here on earth.  It presents Coleridge's flower into the awakened hand.

Introduction:   A short two page work defining "Times of the Soul" and including a vignette recounting the author's first out-of-body experience at age 13 which is used to introduce the work contained in the rest of the book.

Part I:  "Times of the Soul"        A compilation of 34 short stories contributed by various authors including compelling tales by:

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross  "A 1000 Deaths & Cosmic Consciousness"
                    [Author of On Death & Dying]
Norm Shealy        "A Task Larger Than One Life"
                    [Norm is the founder of the
                                American Holistic Medical Association]
John Upledger      "My Dolphin Mentor"
                    [John is the creator of CranioSacral therapy]
Brugh Joy            "A Valentine to Remember"
                    [Brugh is a well known transpersonal physician]

        Many of the above author's stories reveal the spiritual or Soul level events that propelled them into their own ground breaking work.  Also included in the 34 stories are tales from physicians, therapists, and other "ordinary life" seekers, telling of inspiring and life changing experiences.

Part II:  "Touched by My Soul"          is a collection of 9 short stories by the author essentially presenting his own history of spiritual seeking and development in response to "an invitation from my Soul".  It includes the development of certain psychic powers, a deeper understanding of the nature of death, and the infusion of Soul level energy resolving his long spiritual search while propelling him into greater earthly service.

Part III:  "Touching Your Soul"        is a simple, yet profound presentation on the underlying structure of our being, the process of 'becoming' we all are involved with in living on earth, and the four "major paths" to increased Soul contact which yield healing and joy.   It concludes with the heightened levels of healing and joy, which are also available through conscious community.

TOUCHING YOUR SOUL - The Path to Healing & Joy
A Wonderful Path into Community
"Impressive.  Well done."
              Dr. Jack Lin,     Ph.D. Depth psychology.

"Looks like what you're doing is much needed in today's world, perhaps even most needed."
           Thea Alexander, author of the best selling futurist novel, 2150 AD
            and the Macro Study Series.

"Your commentaries, explanations and honesty are very rich and deep.  I like your book." 
              Love and blessings, Jeanie Brosius   (Unity Minister)

"Always fascinating ... I do read and reread your writings."
                                                      Lina Mendez, Ph.D.

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