Welcome to an Extraordinary Opportunity
to increase the vibrancy of your life, relationships, and community !

"Real" Community Creation
4th of July weekend 2019

Via merging the best of
Psychology, Science, & Spirituality

Regarding deep friendships & relationships
Getting past this
to this !
With groups .....
Getting Past                        to creating this  !
"  Who is the adversary ? " 
Yes... true friendships !!    `


A Psychological, Scientific & Spiritual
Movement Into
"Real" Community

An Extraordinary Experience of discovering the the healing & creative power
of your highest impulses and desires moving you forward in a very effective
thrust toward "Real" community.  That is the creation of an interpersonal community
of indepth friendship, loving honesty, and creative problem solving skills,
which then truly supports the successful creation of physical community.

Call 903/799-6161 or   email   Eric Best  for more information.

        There is a hunger for "community" in our country, a desire for more real and supportive connection.  Many people from therapists to TV talk show hosts, to teachers, and even to some politicians; now talk about essentially negative or wanting aspects of our culture and call forth for more "community".  In spite of the many calls for it, there have been pitifully few real or accurate suggestions on how to create the community that is needed.  And among existing communities there are often the same challenges of money, sex, and power issues which the outer culture experiences so often.... with the same discouraging results.

        This extraordinary GateWay process will provide us with an opening to discovering, experiencing, recreating, and bringing forth the best elements of what community can be.  It is based upon a realisitc integration of the best of psychology, science, and spirituality.   We will learn through direct experience (not lecture) both the magic and the power of "real" community in a natural flow of events which touch on all elements of what it is to be human and in authentic connection with one's highest aspects and then with each other. There will be a touching on and integration of the physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual elements of our being.  Real community is both an environment and a way of being which acknowledges, heals, supports, integrates, and uplifts all of these elements within us, both individually and collectively.  Some people in business communities (where the word spiritual is never used in the GateWay intro material) will spontaneously end up saying this experience is "sort of Spiritual".

The Gateway facilitator:  Eric N. Best, Ph.D.
    Eric  is a unique combination of psychologist, scientist, and spiritual explorer with a 33 plus year meditation practice.   He has practiced and taught meditation along with relationship and community building workshops for many years.  He is the author of "Touching Your Soul  -  The Path to Healing & Joy" which concludes with the opportunity to use real community as a down to earth manifestation of Joyful spirituality.

You can expect to gain from this experience:

A deeper knowledge of yourself and increased self empowerment.
An increased ability to develop really workable relationships. 
Intimate and meaningful continuing connections with a variety of 
    new community friends and family.
A sense of what it takes to create real & enduring community.
Joy, Hope and Rich Aliveness ...
                         perhaps like you have never had before.

"Real community provides an experientially rich learning environment in
which new levels of understanding and reality are joyfully integrated into our being."

Requirements for attending:

Dates :     4th of July 2019 extended weekend;
                   Registration, welcoming and greeting is:  Thursday July 4th.  It starts at Noon and closes at 6pm.
            The actual GateWay event is held Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  (Starting 9am Friday and ending  5pm Sun.)

Location  The Mariposa Group community site in Bivins, Texas 75555;  30 miles due south of Texarkana in the northeast
    corner of Texas, very close to the border with Louisiana and Arkansas in very beautiful, natural, and green rolling countryside.
Tuition :   GIFTING   from us to you & back. The normal $325. tuition is waived and only a $25 deposit is requested to hold your
                  space.  At the end of the event, if you feel that you have received true value from the event, you are encouraged to gift
                  back to us as you feel is appropriate.  You can send a $25. check to:   Eric Best, 10136 FM 1841, Bivins, TX 75555.
OR   use PayPal here.

  Housing :   At our location, there are several moderately priced motels are located a few miles away in
                     Atlanta, Texas.  Please inquire below and we will be glad to provide information on them.  On site sleeping may be available for those with RV's or tents.  The cost is $10 per night if this option is choosen.  Pay at time of arrival with cash.

   Food    Lunch is a group activity each day at the retreat site where everyone contributes food and drink.
                  All other meals (breakfast & dinner) are individually handled.

Transportation    For those flying in from out of state to our location, the closest airports are in Texarkana, Texas  (45 miles
                away) and Shrieveport, Louisiana (55 miles away).  Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) airport is about a 3+ hour drive.  Love field (DAL) in Dallas is 3 hours away.   Rental cars are available at all the airports.   We will help you in coordinating rental car sharing with other attendees if you would like.

Contact us Now    Call  903/799-6161 To register while using use the Paypal button above for the $25. deposit;  or for further information.

  email   Eric at:    MariposaFound  "at" gmailPlease excuse the spam     "dot" com     avoidance nomenclature

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Comments from prior workshops:

"After living in an intentional community for 5 years, it took this workshop, and a willingness to commit to this process, to finally experience community within myself and then the experience of true intimate community with others."
                                                                           Susan      Oregon

"I went to the conference to learn about soft technology, organic gardening and financing.  I learned that if there is communion between the hearts, all else will fall into place.
                                                                           Rhea      Cambridge, England

"This is the first time I've come into community through Joy."
                                                                           Nancy     Seattle, WA

"I would recommend it to friends who talk about building or doing 'community' as though it were easy and the first thing to do is buy enough land.  I'd suggest that perhaps they experience community first."
                                                                           Margo      Oregon

"As I gained an understanding of the process, the "truth" had the impact of an explosion as the benefits became apparent.  Since I came with the intuitive awareness that something momentous was brewing, I realized that this experience has revealed clearly WHO I am and WHAT my future holds.  I intend to make this a reality."
                                                                            L.O.      Van Alystyne, Texas..

 "I can't imagine a more enabling experience for groups in almost any stage of forming a Co-Housing community than a Relationship / Community workshop such as this."
                                                                            Pat         Pasadena, California
"I loved the activities and the acts of intimacy & sharing left a deep impression on me.  I am starting to witness a sense of spiritual growth  -- spiritual partnerships coming out of this experience."                                               L.U.   Irving, Texas

"What was best about this workshop for me was gaining an understanding that real community involves emotional honesty.  It is a very satisfying experience.  Feels like I am part of a family like the one I experienced in Colorado Springs."
                                                                             J.J.       McKinny, Texas

"Good Morning to All of You, The time at Eric's was at the top of my list of special gifts of the Christmas season.  Eric, thanks for opening up the beautiful home that you have.  I felt so content and at peace the entire time that I was there.
        I am curious.  Does anyone in the group have another group or community where you experience the same level of discussions and sharing?  I so enjoyed the discussions and the opportunity to get to know each one of you more intimately."
                                                                                                     ---  Emily

"..... The other meaning relates to Emily's question about whether any of us have communities where we can be as open and deep with each other.  I feel very alive internally after the incredibly nourishing visit with all of you at the Mariposa Group Ranch.
         I cannot believe it is only a week since the Texas gathering.  That visit was a wonderful example of why I fly all over the place  seeking community.  Money cannot buy the experience I had just being with all of you.  ........  Dr. Best - I hope that this year is another banner year for the Mariposa and GateWay groups.  Your persistence in your calling is formidable.  Thank you for your hospitality last weekend.  It was truly an extraordinary event.
                                                                                                           ---  Nancy

        There was a question in a book I was reading yesterday that presented the question.    "In what type soil do you thrive?"  Our group has been such rich soil for me.  I need a place where there is the freedom to explore and ask questions and be different.  You all provide that type of soil for me.
                                                                                                      --- Linda


This GateWay experience is designed to help you both experience what "Real" community
can be and to truly empower you to create the community you desire in your own location.
If also is the first step for membership, if you desire to become part of the Mariposa Group community.

"Tell the truth and support each other's dreams!"

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