Wow ... the Crack(s) in the Cosmic Egg !!
Evolving Enlightenment via "2nd Tier" Community

        Joseph Chilton Pearce long ago wrote a book entitled "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg".  It was a preview/sensing into the process of change which you and I now find ourselves so strongly enmeshed within.  It was a popular hit and played well for a while in its time.

"The Crack in the Cosmic Egg     enters into universal creation, cosmic energy, don Juan's teaching, etc., rebuilding and destroying previous beliefs. It gives me hope for sheer intellectual effort to penetrate into the vast reservoir of intuitive knowledge."     (John C. Lilly, M.D., author of The Center of the Cyclone )
And yet perhaps it was a little too early for its time.  Or because it presaged or intuited that which was yet to come, it was too easy to assign it to an "airy-fairy.. woo-woo" land.  The beginning of "New Age" in the derogatory sense of that phrase.  Now however the reach of science, psychological development measurements, functional MRI scans, etc. has extended itself into this very realm and lo and behold..... well...  "We're not in Kansas anymore Toto." and at the same time, we not in fantasy land either !!

        Welcome to a new emerging Reality!   One which (like Pearce wrote of some 3 decades beforehand)  involves conscious creation, the rebuilding and destroying of previous belief systems and illusions.   The "Rapids of Change" we are all experiencing in one form or another, are the bits & pieces of the old 'shell' of reality flying around as the crack in the cosmic egg proceeds.
        More than ever before, the perennial questions in consciousness which we all have to face  (even if it is only immediately before death - much better to do it long beforehand!)  and preceded by this 'anonymous' quotation, are being forced upon us .... asking us to "grow up".  Perhaps "demanding" it.... as both great danger and great opportunity stare us in the face.

In Love,    Eric


This is not a dress rehearsal.
    This is your life !
 Who am I?
 What is My Life All About?
 Why the pain.....   why the joy?
 Who do I want to be?
 How do I want my life to be?
                     And... if not now, when?

THE Crack in the Cosmic Egg

        Among all of these advances in knowledge, communication, and various possibilities; there is one "Crack" which stands out above all others, simply because like the advent of prior major advances in human consciousness beforehand, like 'fire' and  'democracy'; it offers an advance which has never been seen before, a higher level of consciousness than has ever existed before.

THE Crack in the Cosmic Egg
Second Tier  Community
 "Real" Community made Fully Manifest 
The Leap into Second Tier !

        An extraordinary occurrence is upon us.  For the first time in human history, there is the emergence of a collective field of consciousness, purposely seeking a stabilized existence in the normal day-to-day world of "work, play, and relationships"; which can be called "Second Tier".

        Philosophical hints at this were issued long before by the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Abraham Maslow and Claire Graves:  Philosopher de Chardin via his work of expanding fields of consciousness, each coming to a pressure point of breaking open into a brand new and larger field.   Psychologists Maslow and Graves followed with bringing forth the observations of "Self Actualized Humans" and various cultural "Levels of Existence" respectively.  Now other researchers have carried on this work in various ways with perhaps the work of Susanne Cook-Greuter, Ph.D and Don Beck, Ph.D., in the fields of personal and social developmental stages, leading the way currently.  Ken Wilber has creatively intermixed their findings, along with his own observations on states of consciousness. most often achieved by extensive meditative / spiritual practices, into a new potential map of human development.

        All of it has been intellectually exciting and enticing to many.  Many individual examples of advanced states and stages of consciousness have been chronicled, yet to date stable examples of what has come to called "Second Tier" development within a group context, have been extremely hard to find.  Perhaps really non-existent other than in mental thought forms of desire striving to lay claim to that not yet born.

        Yet both this desire and the underlying movement of consciousness itself through all of the human race is now creating the 'Crack in the Cosmic Egg' with "Second Tier Community" actually peeking at the shell and cracking it, in the process of its emergence.  Welcome to an extraordinary time of something "new" in the field of consciousness emerging...  with corresponding extraordinarily new opportunities....; some things that have never existed before !!

        My own passion around the fields of consciousness and "Real" community have been with me almost as long as my thirty three year intensive meditation practice.  Numerous 'special' experiences have occurred for and enticed me during this time. Opportunities to go further in this or that direction have been plentiful.  Yet the pull of something 'extraordinary' to be found and/or created within the field of 'community' has never left; and now I am starting to see this same 'light' of recognition being expressed more often in many others besides myself.  It is the emergence of the 'Larger We'.


Characteristics of 2nd Tier Community Members

  • The general absence of FEAR, particularly in the sense of having created a firm and stable foundation in the everyday world of financial security, companionship & sexual relationships, along with a strong sense of personal worth, self esteem and personal power.  In terms of interpersonal relationships this absence of fear involves the end of any destructive "Seduction into Competition".  The absence of fear also creates a wide array of different belief systems being accepted in others, while at the same time there is a clear demarcation or boundary present for those systems of thought & action which are not acceptable to the individual member.
  • A commitment to "Truth & Learning".   A strong and pleasing inquiry into life.  A realization that continued learning, that is integrated into one's being, is both an opportunity and indeed a necessity for life long development and joy.  The realization that truth is not a static item ever entirely owned by one person or one group; but is an ongoing process of realization,  It involves Exploring, Discovering, and Creating.... and perhaps is most effectively done in the context of "Benefiting All'.
  • High Personal Integrity:    Internal integration of the various aspects of personal history and experience, along with integration of the various levels of internal consciousness, has resulted in high levels of external integrity with others.
  • Systems thinking.  The capacity for 'large scale' thinking and consideration.  The realization that "life is complex" and comprised of many different elements, processes and levels of maturity.   In conjunction with the end of "Seduction into Competition", there emerges an understanding that "I can get more by cooperation, truth seeking, and synergy among my community partners, than I could ever achieve by isolating myself and trying to "dominate and/or win" over another.  My own happiness and well being starts to merge and intermingle more and more with the happiness and well being of others.
  • The realization of Paradox  as an increasingly prevalent aspect of life.  A simple example might well be the realization that there is no such thing as "Equality" among people, there is "Uniqueness"; and yet at the same time realizing that the most rewarding interaction path among people involves equality of opportunity for the full expression of the individual's uniqueness.  Another example might well be that even a very highly evolved person can be helped at times by those much less evolved; while there is a Joy for the contributions given by those who are more evolved.   Worse yet is the realization that at almost any moment, these just presented understandings or examples of paradox, can be rendered 'false' by the accomplishment of a new level of understanding.  Welcome to the process of Paradox.
  • The realization that "Love" is much more than an 'emotion'  It is a state of recognition which involves being able to support the life unfoldment, life enhancement, indeed the life inspiration.... within another on all levels of their being: physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually.  "Namaste' " starts to be lived internally and externally, rather than being held simply as an intellectual construct.
  • An increased capacity for the realization of Joy

Characteristics of 2nd Tier Community as a Whole Entity

  • Creativity is vibrantly endemic within the community.
  • Love  permeates the environment.
  • Truth & Conflict:   The quest for "Truth", as a continuing and expansive process in life, is taken as axiomatic and a given part of life.  Conflict is also taken as an axiomatic part of life now, along with its relatively easy resolution.
  • Self Defining & Creative:    2nd Tier community is self defining, self creating, and easily produces more 2nd Tier individuals     Guru's and powerful leaders no longer are present per se'. There is a natural ebb & flow of "leadership" among many individuals according to natural life skill, development and preference.  And yet even this is often eclipsed by the presence of a vastly larger collective consciousness presenting itself. The "Larger We".
  • Positive Contribution:     2nd Tier community automatically makes a positive contribution to the world at large.
  • JOY     2nd Tier community inherently has more Joy within its boundary's, within its members, and tends to radiate that Joy out to the world.

Paul Tillich, Ph.D., a renowned theologian of 50 years ago, once commented,

     "What we call the  Renaissance was
                        participated in by about one thousand people."

        The Renaissance was an influential cultural movement which brought about a period of scientific revolution, religious reform and artistic transformation, at the dawn of modern European history. What a jolting thought .... only a 1000 people out of several million, but evolutionary endeavors often start in exactly that fashion, with a small number of evolved souls exploring new territories of culture and consciousness.


                       Now, like never before, it is possible to find not only like-minded people, but other highly evolved Souls (with new abilities) with whom to connect to bring about a new Renaissance.   Of course the web is a great facilitating tool enabling this initial connection.  Now with the creativity and synergy of our meeting in person, "2nd Tier"  community; brings forth an extraordinary power and opportunity for "Renaissance" .... like has never existed before.


  "2nd Tier" community is the premier vehicle for this journey above the 1st Tier clouds of confusion and chaos into a new Renaissance and Joy. This is what the "Second Tier Community" program provides.   If your Soul calls out for a higher expression for you, for a more honest, loving and growing way of living ... with Joy; I invite you to inquire and attend the next step into creating much more of the world you wish to exist and to live within.

In Love,  Eric

"Creating Second Tier Community" 
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Eric N. Best, Ph.D.
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